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Old March 14th, 2012, 08:03 PM
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Question Adobe Photoshop CS 1 won't start anymore

My long-running version of Adobe Photoshop CS 1 won't start anymore.

Yes, I know I'm using an ancient version of PS, but it's been running fine for two years on my Vista System and has the tools I need. CS 1 (PS 8.0) used to crash a lot when I first installed it (it's authorized, btw - I bought it new), but not lately. And I use it frequently.

I also left PS 7 installed when I added it - and PS 7 still works (but lacks CS 1 tools I use).

It starts to boot but stops at "Reading Global Text Resources...Done." And then the blue circle spins forever. I can stop it from right-clicking in the task bar at that point. The only "fix" I've tried is re-booting.

I'm wondering if I should try a system restore going back about a month to when CS1 was running? I'm not sure what else I would lose. I've updated a few programs when notified (and Chrome updates itself), but added none.
Note: I've never tried to even run Image Ready CS1, but I just did as a test, and it won't boot past the info loading screen either.
That's my main question. The rest is supplemental info that might be helpful.

The machine used to run faster in general - the slow-down happened over a year ago. This happened pretty much all at once. It now takes up to several minutes from log-in until the widgets appear and I can start computing. I've run a number of free malware scanners of various types and none report any problems. And in some ways, it's actually gotten better (e.g., trying to make a new folder in Win Explorer was taking forever and now it's just slow).

The other "bad habit" it's picked up is being slow at changing from program to program (and browser tab to tab in Chrome or FF). I get a lot of lot "Not Responding" messages in my program window bars that I simply have to wait through for 5-30 seconds, e.g., Word (2010) isn't useful for a bit, and either version of PS takes a good time before being responsive. And if I TRY to run a program like Photoshop or my browser before it's "really and truly fully loaded," that can cause an app crash.

But once running, programs perform well, and I seem to have CPU cycles and RAM to spare whenever I check - and I've only had one BSOD in many months. And the house had a power failure a month or so ago, but Photoshop worked fine after that until three days ago. I reboot maybe once every week or so on principle or when I feel things are starting to get "confoozed."

I'm new on the Forum so I assume you can see the config I posted while registering, but will include it here:
HP/Compaq Model CQ5110F, AMD Athlon 7550 processor, 2.5 GHZ, 3.0 GB Ram, 320 GB HDD, 30 GB free space, running Win Vista 32.

NVideo GeForce 6150SE nForce 430, RealTek High Def Audio.

I also use AVG Free anti-virus, and I run the MS anti-Malware tool and other updates when supplied, plus Malwarebyte's free program.
Any feedback is much appreciated.

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Old March 18th, 2012, 09:34 PM
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Have you tried clean-up and defrag?
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