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Old April 23rd, 2017, 04:40 PM
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Exclamation Random Huge Ping spikes and drops, plus FPS drops

So, starting about a week ago I started experiencing random ping spikes that usually brought along FPS drops while playing Overwatch and TERA.
Sometimes it'll be fine, then randomly my ping will go from like 60ms to 100 to 300 and keep climbing super high and then suddenly drop, and then my FPS will go from 30 to 12, 13, 14. And it's a seesaw of random dips and spikes - makes no sense to me! The two usually happen together, but sometimes my FPS will drop to mid-to-low teens while my Ping will stay around 60-80ms.

Once it kept climbing and climbing until it hit 816ms and Overwatch lost connection and booted me off.

I use my phone's mobile hotspot to game since there are no ISP's that come out here other than satellite, which is bad for gaming and requires a three year contract(and I won't be living here for three years). Before any of you automatically assume this is my issue, I've had NO ISSUES LIKE THIS AT ALL for nearly a year and a half.

I've tried everything, I've reset network settings on my phone, restarted phone, restarted laptop, updated phone software, updated drivers, closed everything in the background while gaming, closed everything on my phone, updated apps, deleted temp files, got rid of Avast, disabled SSPDV(something i saw on a HOtS reddit thread - didn't work for me), and reset network card. NOTHING is working. I even contacted Verizon to see if they were throttling me too early (I haven't reached my monthly cap) and they said they weren't and that my speeds were set to full strength 4G.
I also did a ping test with the "ping -n 30 -l 1000" method in CP and all my pings were super low except for the very last one on my first scan, which randomly spiked to 318ms. But every other one, in all my scans, were like 10-14ms, if not lower.

The only thing left I can think of is that perhaps my network/wirless card is dying?
And I was thinking if that was the case this could solve the problem:


What do you guys think?
Is there anything else that you think could be the issue? And what do you think about getting a USB wifi adapter to help the issue?

Also, I read that a symptom of a failing wireless/network card is that you don't see it in your Device Manager. Well I do see it, and it claims to be working properly. Could it say that but still be malfunctioning in some way??

Thank you so much for any help!!!! <3

P.S.:: Please, i beg of you, spare me the "WiFi isn't good for gaming" - heavens knows, I know that. And it hasn't been a problem for nearly two years of using a mobile hotspot.....so please, i beg for some other suggestions/ideas/posts other than "Wi Fi is bad for gaming that's your problem".

Also, I've tried tethering and that doesn't solve the issue.

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Old April 24th, 2017, 01:06 AM
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No immediate suggestions but to help diagnose, I would run a speedtest from laptop and mobile when things are good to get a benchmark.

Then when things are lagging, repeat the tests. If the phone stays good and the laptop is the only place the slowdown occurs, then you know for sure it's the local wi-fi or laptop itself.

The fact you are seeing some issues while tethered would certainly imply to me you will see slowdowns from the phone as well.

If it is just the laptop, overheating will cause slowdowns, both in graphical fps and network i/o. What are your temps like when the slowdowns happen? You won't have a temp sensor on the wifi chip but I bet it's getting hot with the throughput you are exposing it to via gaming and if it is physically close to the cpu/gpu then it could be getting heat transfer.
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Old May 1st, 2017, 04:06 AM
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So, I'm having a rough time right now with PING and i tested it on my phone and my phone is having an issue too. The first speedtest i ran had a high ping on my phone and the speeds were slower than the normal speeds i get from speed tests on my phone. The high ping on my phone(100ms) was nowhere as high as the ping reached in-game(800-815ms is how high it can go before Overwatch boots me off), but it was higher than the 40-60ms i usually get on a speedtest i do on my phone.

Then, i tried to run a second speedtest on my phone but the speedtest app kept saying "network connection/connectivity problems" and it couldn' even get ap ing reading, yet alone a speed test.

Also, earlier today the random ping spikes happened - though not as bad as right now - and I did the "ping -n 30 -l 1000 [routerip]" ping check method twice and this is what i got before a spike:

And this is what i got during a spike:

So there's no change there......

I'm just so at a lost, one minute I think it's my laptop's wireless card, the next i think it's my phone, and then the next i think it's interference or a bad connection to the tower.
I just really wish I knew WHAT the problem is.

I got one of the usb wireless adapters btw, but the problem still happens.
The only thing I can think to do next is get another adapter, but this time get one that supports 5ghz and try putting my mobile hotspot on the 5ghz band where there should be less interference......what do you think? Is that a possible fix? Or no?

I'd be so incredibly thankful for any help.
It would be one thing if this issue happened after i got a few more wireless things all on the same 2.4 band, or if I had new programs running in the background, multiple devices hooked up to the one mobile hotspot(which i don't), or SOMETHING......but NOTHING here has changed.......at least nothing in our house.
That's another thing, I live in the country, only one neighbor within view, so it's not like I'm in a busy apartment complex or something with a lot of competing wireless networks....

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Old May 1st, 2017, 07:49 AM
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one minute I think it's my laptop's wireless card, the next i think it's my phone,
It's neither it's your network connection or you network provider, have a talk to them.
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