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Old January 6th, 2011, 02:51 AM
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"in game" screen/view problem

so when i try to play spore, it starts up normally, works perfectly, i can even complete the cell phase. but the second i go to land (a bigger map) my screen goes all weird.
it has these rectangles in different colors that flicker, and they aren't supposed to be there... it's really annoying because i can't play like this.

Here are the things i have tried:
-all settings in lowest
-reinstall/update drivers
-reinstall game
-play this thing on an other pc (worked)

but well unfortunately i don't have access to this computer all the time, since it's my mom's and i don't live with her anymore.
i can give a link to what it looks like (http://image.bayimg.com/aacccaadj.jpg)
maybe that'll help, and here
is my pc setup:
Windows 7 professional (x64)
intel core I7 @4GHz
ati radeon HD5830

so i don't think it's something performance wise, because it's all brand new because i can play other games regularly
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