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Tutorials | How to Install A Second Hard Drive as a Slave Drive in Win98 Part2

Publish date: 18:59 Thursday, 28th July 2005
Written by: Glenn Stone
Audience intended for: Windows 98 Users, Hardware
Category: Computer Hardware

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This tutorial is a continuation from Part1

The next display will show the Extended partition information.

Press Esc. (Drive integrity will be verified)

In this display you will set the size of the Logical DOS Partition.

Type 100% and press Enter.

Note: The Logical DOS Drive will be assigned the next available drive letter. For instance, if you already have a C: the new drive will be D: If you already have a C: and a D: the new drive will be E: and so on.

The next display will show the Logical drive you created.

Press Esc to return to the FDISK Options menu. Press Esc again.

Press Esc to exit fdisk.

Remove the Boot Disk and restart the computer.

Look in My Computer to see if your new drive is listed.

If so, Right click on it and select Format. Select Full and click Start.

You will receive this Warning.

Click OK
After Formatting is complete, windows will recommend that you run Scan Disk to check the drive for errors.

Your new drive is ready for use.


Please Note: if you have any questions about this tutorial please ask on our support forums
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