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Tutorials | How to clean your PC keyboard

Publish date: 23:47 Thursday, 15th September 2005
Written by: Murf
Audience intended for: Hardware
Category: Computer Hardware

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Cleaning your PC KeyboardHow to clean your PC keyboard

This tutorial is for PC keyboards and not laptop keyboards.

  1. Turn the keyboard on its back and remove all the screws that hold it together. Some have more screws than others.
  2. Now turn the keyboard over and gently remove the two halves. If it does not come apart, turn it back over and gently pry up the rubber feet, as some screws could be hidden underneath. When you take the two halves apart watch the cable so it does not break.
  3. Now that you have the two pieces apart you will see the half with the keys themselves, they will not fall out. On some boards you can remove individual keys and on some screws will be holding down the entire key portion. Once you have the keys removed, depending if they are individual or as a unit you can now clean them.
  4. For individual keys one way is to put them all in an old stocking or put the key plate itself (generally in two halves) in a stocking.
  5. Now remove all of the electrical parts (pay attention to the screws that hold them down and their location. Now you will have all the plastic parts of the keyboard apart. Take these pieces (including the stocking if used) and place them in a dishwasher (keys facing down) on the top rack - YES A DISHWASHER. Wash them in a light or standard dishwasher cycle. You will be amazed what the board will look like when done.
  6. Note: When removing the keys only remove the cap with the lettering (mark down which position it is in) don't remove the lower end. Leave the keys with springs in them, normally the bigger keys e.g., space bar enter etc.

Another way to clean is use a parts brush or even a pastry brush to clean in between the keys and other areas. You can use a q-tip soaked in rubbing alcohol to clean the electric boards and or the keys where they touch the particular sensor.


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