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Tutorials | How to Format a Partition

Publish date: 18:48 Thursday, 28th July 2005
Written by: Theoran
Audience intended for: Windows ME Users, Windows 98 Users, Windows 95 Users
Category: Windows

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Now that you have created all of the partitions for your hard drive, it is now time to format them. To format a master hard disk, you will use the format command. Formatting prepares a hard drive for use by organizing its storage space into addresses that can be recognized and accessed.

Below are the complete instructions to walk you through the process of formatting partitions on your hard drive.

1.) Restart your computer with the Startup/Boot disk in the floppy disk drive.

If you are using a Windows 95 Startup disk, a command prompt is displayed and you can skip to step 2. If you are using a Windows 98, Windows 98 Second Edition, or Windows Me Startup disk, select the Start computer without CD-ROM support menu option when the Windows 98 Startup menu is displayed.

2.) When a command prompt is displayed, type format c: /s, and then press ENTER. This command transfers the system files and should only be used when you format drive C (or your "active" drive). **NOTE** (If you are formatting with an Windows ME boot disk you cannot use the /s switch. Windows ME will not let you transfer system files to a disk without an operating system already present.) For all other partitions, type format drive: (where drive is the letter of the partition that you want to format).


3.) When you successfully run the format tool, you receive the following message:

Proceed with Format?

4.) Press Y, and then press ENTER to format drive C.

5.) After the format procedure is finished, you receive the following message:

Volume label (11 characters, ENTER for none)?

This is an optional feature that you can use to type a name for the drive. You can either type an 11-character name for the drive, or you can leave it blank by pressing Enter.

6.) Reboot. You are now ready to install your operating system.

The last step is how to install Windows 98.


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