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Tutorials | How to install fonts

Publish date: 20:52 Wednesday, 14th September 2005
Written by: MishY
Audience intended for: Windows Users
Category: Computer Basics

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Free Fonts can be downloaded from many websites on the internet. Often they come in zip files. Before using these fonts you must extract them from their zip file using a program such as winzip or Windows XP's built in Zip software.

This is the procedure to install new fonts on a computer running Windows:

  1. Left click the Start button, then Settings, and then Control Panel.
  2. Double left click on Fonts icon. The fonts window will have loaded and all of your currently installed fonts will be listed here.
  3. Left click File and then Install New Font.

    Install New Font

  4. Then navigate to the folder containing the font(s) you would like to install.
  5. Select the font(s) that you would like to install and then click OK.

    Add Fonts window

Additional NotesHow to install fonts

  • Windows 95, and 98 users may experience problems if you have more than 1,000 fonts installed. The most common issue is that your computer will slow down considerably because of the increased use of system resources.


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