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Tutorials | How to install Windows

Publish date: 18:49 Thursday, 28th July 2005
Written by: Theoran
Audience intended for: Windows ME Users, Windows 98 Users, Windows 95 Users
Category: Windows

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After you partition and format your hard disk, you can install Windows 98:

Insert the Windows 98 Startup/Boot disk in your floppy disk drive, and then restart your computer.

When the Windows 98 Startup/Boot menu is displayed, select the Start computer with CD-ROM support menu option, and then press Enter.

Insert the Windows 98 CD-ROM in the CD-ROM drive, type the following at the command prompt X: and then press Enter.

Now that you are at the X: prompt type setup

"X" is the drive letter that is assigned to your CD-ROM drive in these instructions.

When you receive this message, Please wait while the Setup initializes.

Setup is now going to perform a routine check on your system. To continue press Enter. Press Enter.

Follow the instructions on the screen to complete the Setup procedure:
Windows 98 Setup can be divided into the following phases:

  1. Pre-file copy phase
  2. File copy phase
  3. Enumeration/detection phase
  4. Configuring system settings
  5. Configuring Internet Explorer settings

Pre-File Copy PhaseHow to install Windows

During this phase, Windows 98 Setup runs ScanDisk on the hard disk, sets up the Windows 98 Setup Wizard, determines the folder in which to install Windows 98, prompts you for your CD Key number, and determines the components to be installed with Windows 98.

Windows 98 Setup first displays the End User License Agreement (EULA). When you accept the EULA, Windows 98 Setup prompts you for your CD Key number. The CD Key number is a twenty-five digit value located on the back of the Windows 98 CD-ROM sleeve.

When you run Windows 98 Setup from within Microsoft Windows 95, Setup automatically installs Windows 98 to the same folder in which Windows 95 is installed. When you run Windows 98 Setup from Windows 3.1 or MS-DOS, you are prompted for the folder in which to install Windows 98.

Windows 98 Setup then runs ScanReg to test the integrity of the registry. ScanReg also makes a backup copy of the registry at this point.

You are then prompted to save system files from the previous operating system. Saving these files enables to uninstall Windows 98. Note that if you convert your hard disk to FAT32, you no longer have the option to uninstall Windows 98.

Windows 98 Setup then determines what components to install based on the following criteria:

If you run Windows 98 Setup from within Windows 95, Windows 98 Setup automatically installs the same components that are installed in Windows 95.
If you run Windows 98 Setup from MS-DOS or from within Windows 3.1, you are prompted to perform a Typical, Portable, Compact, or Custom Setup.

After you select a Setup option, you are prompted for the locale for the Internet channels.

You are then prompted to create a Windows 98 Startup disk. After you create a Windows 98 startup disk, Setup proceeds to the file copy phase.

File Copy PhaseHow to install Windows

During this phase, Windows 98 Setup copies the files needed to complete Setup. This involves copying files from the Windows 98 CD-ROM or shared network drive to your local hard disk.

Enumeration/Detection PhaseHow to install Windows

During this phase, Windows 98 Setup determines what hardware components are installed in your computer. This phase requires you to restart your computer either once or twice, depending on the type of hardware in your computer. This Setup phase can be identified by the Setting Up Hardware screen.

Configuring System SettingsHow to install Windows

During this phase, Windows 98 Setup configures Control Panel, prompts you for the appropriate time zone, and finalizes system settings in preparation for the first time Windows 98 is started.

5.) Configuring Internet Explorer Settings

During this phase, which occurs when Windows 98 Setup restarts for the last time, Internet Explorer configures personal settings and any other optional Internet utilities installed with Windows 98.

This article is an adaptation of an actual Microsoft document.


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