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Tutorials | Troubleshooting Keyboards

Publish date: 23:38 Thursday, 15th September 2005
Written by: Murf
Audience intended for: Hardware
Category: Computer Hardware

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Keyboard TroubleshootingTroubleshooting Keyboards

If the keyboard does not respond at all:

  1. Restart the computer, sometimes this will resolve the problem, as it may of froze up during the first boot up. Make sure nothing has spilled or fallen into the keyboard (between the keys).
  2. Look behind the system (Computer Tower or Case) where the keyboard plugs in. Make sure the cable connector is fully seated into the keyboard connector. Also that if a PS/2 that it is not accidentally connected into the MOUSE port.
  3. Shut the computer down. Physically remove the keyboard cable and visually check to make sure that no pins are bent or broken. If you have access to another keyboard try it, if it works then replace the keyboard.

If you are running windows:

Most times a Stuck Key will cause an error message. If any keyboard errors shows up on the screen look at your manual to correct the error/problem. This can also occur if you try to type while the computer is booting up. If you do try another keyboard and get the same type of error then try this using the mouse:

  1. Try booting without the keyboard plugged in, or if the Windows boot screen comes up select SAFE MODE. Once you get into Windows check within Device Manager and see if there is a Yellow or Red mark next to the Key Board entry, which means there is a problem. Highlight that entry and remove it. Reboot and Windows will re-configure the keyboard.
  2. If Windows did not fix your keyboard it is possible that the keyboard port itself is bad this may prove true if a second keyboard does not work. Rarely, but sometimes if a keyboard over-heats an error message will appear on the monitor. Normally only Stuck Keys will generate an error message on the monitor.

Other specific errorsTroubleshooting Keyboards

Keyboard clock line failure:

The clock line is one of the control lines between the keyboard and the keyboard controller that interfaces the keyboard to the motherboard

  • There is a problem either with the keyboard or with the keyboard controller on the motherboard.

Keyboard controller failure:

The system has detected what appears to be a failure with the keyboard controller, which interfaces the keyboard to the motherboard.

Keyboard data line failure:

The data line is one of the control lines between the keyboard and the keyboard controller that interfaces the keyboard to the motherboard.

Key lock locked:

The system is detecting that the key lock on the front of the case is locked, and therefore will not boot. The error message usually refers to the keyboard being locked but this really means the key lock on the front of the system case.

  • The key lock may be indeed locked out. The key lock may also be miswired, or there could be a fault with the motherboard, or even the keyboard.
  • Make sure that no keys are being pressed in on the keyboard when the system is booting. Unlock the key lock if it is locked. There could be a problem with the lock switch itself. Make sure that no keys are being pressed in on the keyboard when the system is booting. Unlock the key lock if it is locked.

Common Keyboard ErrorsTroubleshooting Keyboards

ErrorCode Description
3xxKB errors
301KB reset or stuck-key failure (XX 301 XX = scan code in hex)
302System unit key lock switch is locked
302User-indicated KB test error
303KB or system-board error KB controller failure
304KB or system-board error KB clock high
305KB +5v error PS/2 KB fuse (on motherboard) blown
341KB error
342KB cable error
343KB LED card or cable failure
365KB LED card or cable failure
366KB interface cable failure
367KB LED card or cable failure

Vendor specific and other errorsTroubleshooting Keyboards

Bluetooth Desktop: "Keyboard Error or No Keyboard Present" Error Message after Bluetooth Keyboard Is Installed

Cannot Use Natural Keyboard Elite in MS-DOS Mode

Device Driver for the Standard 101/102-Key or Microsoft Natural PS/2 Keyboard" Error Message When You Try to Enter Standby

"Error Loading Keyboard.drv" Error Message When You Start Windows


IntelliType Setup Detected Another Keyboard Software on Your System

Keyboard Errors with Cybex Commander & Dell Computers Logitec

Keyboard Does Not Recognize Key Combination

Remote Control Keyboard Driver Failed

The keyboard reset failed.

The keyboard device does not exist or was not detected


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