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Open Member Quote   Great job u guys Cyber Tech staff and others connected to this web site one way or another!!! Really happy to find this website!! Big help for me and for my friends. See ,I build PCs for my side business here in Japan and I find this website; forums tutorials etc very helpful in my business. I know there are a lot more out there but I believe this site is better. More power to you guys! - pcbuilder  Close Member Quote
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  • Username: MishY
  • Real Name: David Wills
  • Status: Administrator, & Site Owner
  • Profession: I.T. Manager & Web Programmer
  • Interests: Web Design, Programming, Guitars, Computer Games
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  • Status: Moderator
  • Profession: Pain in the ass!!! (Creative Director/Graphic Designer - Yes I actually have an art degree)
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  • Interests: Besides books, computer hardware and periferals, spacecraft and ham radio, networking, wireless, Vinyl and digital audio, operating systems, hard science in general... ? erm... Patricia. My piggybank still don't accrue interests.
  • Microsoft MVP
  • Moderates: Windows 98, Hardware
  • Username: Tweaker
  • Status: News Editor
  • Profession: Rotary/Fixed Wing Repair Station Utility Operator
  • Interests: Baseball, Boxing, Computers
  • Username: Miz
  • Real Name: Frances
  • Status: Moderator
  • Profession: Wife (book keeper, financial planner, chef, laundress, seamstress, etc.), Horsemanship instructor, Boarding stable owner, In-home computer support
  • Interests: Horses and computers
  • Moderates: Windows 98, Windows XP
  • Username: Murray S.
  • Status: Moderator
  • Profession: Deputy Fire Chief - RETIRED
  • Interests: Anything to do with my profession. Computers
  • Future Plans: Keep up my firefighter instructor skills teaching smaller departments and most important of all.. A pile of R & R !!
  • Microsoft MVP: 2008
  • Moderates: Windows XP
  • Username: kage
  • Real Name: George Cagle
  • Status: Moderator
  • Profession: Computer Technician / Geek
  • Interests: Computers
  • Moderates: Linux
  • Username: Acrobaze
  • Status: Moderator
  • Profession: Teacher
  • Interests: Books, garden, travels
  • Moderates: Cyber Safety
  • Username: z1p
  • Status: Moderator
  • Profession: Software Engineer
  • Interests: Hiking, Geocaching, Soccer (football)
  • Microsoft MVP: 2007
  • Moderates: Networking
  • Username: Spider
  • Status: Moderator
  • Profession: I.T. / Network Administrator, Network Consultant
  • Interests: Computer Hardware, Network scripting, anything science
  • Microsoft MVP: 2007
  • Moderates: Windows NT/2000/2003, Hardware
  • Username: AnnMarie
  • Real Name: Ann Marie Scrimshaw
  • Status: Moderator
  • Profession: Software Technician
  • Interests: Reading, working with glass (leadlighting etc) and antiques
  • Microsoft MVP: 2004 - 2008
  • Moderates: Windows Vista
  • Username: GretaP
  • Status: Moderator
  • Profession: Law Enforcement
  • Interests: computers, origami
  • Microsoft MVP: 2004 - 2008
  • Moderates: Windows XP
  • Username: Snurfen
  • Real Name: Martyn John
  • Status: Moderator
  • Profession: Enterprise Admin, AD & IOS
  • Interests: Beach Lifeguards, surfing (waveski), motorcycling, beers with mates.
  • Moderates: Networking