View Full Version : Displaying Cell or Tablet Display via Computer Monitor

August 14th, 2017, 11:03 PM
I have an LG Smartphone 5.7" and a ASUS 7" tablet is there a way to have the phone/tablet display their screens to a computer montor. Have a 15/17" Dell I want to dedicate to the tablet but already have a keyboard/case that plugs into it's USB port when using the external keyboard. Watch alot of movies via Smartphone would like to be able to watch on a larger screen at home. All monitors have VGA, HDMI, and USB Ports (?). No PC internet or WiFi so rely on a Smartphone and Tablet.

Ned Seagoon
August 26th, 2017, 09:56 PM
Does this (https://blog.tripplite.com/how-to-connect-a-tablet-to-a-dvi-monitor-flat-screen-tv-or-hdmi-projector/) help?