View Full Version : Using Phone Handset without Service?

October 2nd, 2020, 02:50 PM
I have a home phone with MagicJack. I do not have $40 to renew this year.

I have a mobile device that is prepaid. So, minutes and texts each cost me.

I am personally not a talker, but people need to have conversations with me.

I have one Google Voice line connected to my home phone (MJ) but not set to ring the home. :)

I use the home phone when I have to have calls, especially long ones when you are placed on hold for so long, without using up prepaid cell minutes. Also, the handset is more natural to hold than a rectangular mini computer with a phone "app."

Any thoughts on how I can still use my home handset without renewing MJ, or paying for even higher cost landline (which I would have preferred).

Also, an option to save money was to make another Google Voice line tied to my cell number, so I can at least use Google Voice for free over WIFI. Would that work?