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October 18th, 2001, 04:20 AM
I frequently download music online and then listen to it in Winamp. Here's the problem: after I finish listening to a song, the wave balance in the play control goes down to the lowest level and all sounds on the computer are muted then. It is just something that happens automatically, everytime. To continue listening to music I have to open up the play control and turn the wave back up and repeat this task over and over and over again. SO, somebody please help me and tell me what on earth is going on and what I can do to fix the problem. Thanks.

October 20th, 2001, 09:12 PM
COME ON. If you're reading this and don't have a clue at least tell me you don't have a damn idea what I can do. I would appreciate it. Thanks.

October 20th, 2001, 09:24 PM
Sorry Dumpy...if nobody had answered your question by the end of today, I was going to bump it back to the top. I don't have a solution for you I'm afraid. Most people will not post that they don't know an answer, but will simply move to the next one. Bumping it back to the top by posting to the thread is all that can be done. People are reading your question.

If nobody comes along with an explanation for your problem, I will move this thread to the "Anything Else" forum which gets more traffic than the windowsME forum.

In the meantime I will be locking your other thread directing responses to this one. Two threads will just confuse people.

Thanks. :)

October 21st, 2001, 06:21 AM
I'm not real familiar with Win/ME, but give this a try..

Download a different Audio Player. It could be that winamp is corrupted. I had alot of problems with it. So try this Audio Player and set it to default. See if the problem continues.. FREE AMP AUDIO PLAYER (http://www.freeamp.org/)

Post back with the results and we'll take it from there.....

October 21st, 2001, 07:38 AM
I did some searching and found this. Read it and see if it applies in any way:

http://www.winamp.com/downloa d/faq/index.jhtml;$sessionid$WZVGFDQAAFWOE5YAAAARC0Q?fil enumber=180&language=english&layout=normal&prevlayout=normal (http://www.winamp.com/download/faq/index.jhtml;$sessionid$WZVGFDQAAFWOE5YAAAARC0Q?fil enumber=180&language=english&layout=normal&prevlayout=normal)

If that page doesn't apply, check through the winamp forums for similar questions:


All I could find on this one.

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October 21st, 2001, 05:38 PM
hey i went to that winamp site and did that. it works and keeps the wave balance at the normal level. now the only thing is the sound is softer than normal. it just doesnt play as loud as it "should". is there something in winamp i can do to change this? cause now there isnt any thump or loudness to my music. still working on it...

October 21st, 2001, 09:30 PM
Hi Dumpy,

Audio isn't my specialty and I'm not sure this a windowsME issue. Looks more like a Winamp issue. Has winamp always acted this way or is this something that has just started recently?

Have you tried playing around with both the winamp equalizer and your system's master sound control (double-click the speaker icon in systems tray)? Is the winamp equalizer set to on and auto?

You could consider uninstalling and re-installing the player.

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October 22nd, 2001, 01:45 AM
Bada bing!!! You rock dude, it was that simple!! All I did was uninstall it and then download it all over again and it was great. Yeah it wasn't that complicated of a fix but I would not have thought it was that simple. Thanks!!

October 22nd, 2001, 02:00 AM
Glad I could help, Dumpy. :)

By the way....forgot to welcome you to Cybertech Help. :)

Good luck...