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Open Member Quote   Back a couple of years ago when I first found this forum I read and read other's problems and learned a bit. Then suddenly one day I had problems and turned to Cyber Tech Help for assistance and my problems were solved. Since then I have kept a number of programs on my them frequently and keep them updated. During this time its nearly as if spyware, virus and other nasties were never developed. My point is simply this follow the advise you get deligent in using what is suggested and the internet will be a much nicer place. Its only when I see a friend's computer who doesn't use any "protection" that I remember there were such things as pop ups. Thank you Cyber Tech Help - Webster  Close Member Quote
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File Extension Database

Find what program a filetype belongs to in our searchable File Extension Database.
File Extension Database

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File Extension Database - E

File Extension Database 

The Cyber Tech Help File Extension Database is a searchable A-Z of file extensions.

To use the File Extension Database simply click on the first letter of the extension you are looking for.


Your Results are as follows :

  • .EAR - Java Enterprise Application Packaging Unit
  • .EAS - Elite Visual Basic API Spy
  • .EBJ - Error-checking object file (Geoworks)
  • .EBO - MS Reader Ebook Format
  • .EBP - Pocket PC WindowsCE Project file
  • .ECF - WinFax Office Add-in file
  • .ECO - NetManage ECCO file
  • .ECW - Ensoniq Waveset FormatEclipseCrossword Crossword Puzzle
  • .EDB - MS Exchange DatabaseROOTS3 geneological data
  • .EDL - Edit Decision List (management for video/film post production)
  • .EDS - Ensoniq SQ80 disk image
  • .EDT - Default settings (VAX Edt editor)
  • .EEB - Button bar for Equation Editor (WordPerfect for Win)
  • .EFE - Ensoniq EPS file
  • .EFT - High resolution screen font (ChiWriter)
  • .EFX - Fax (Everex EFax)
  • .EGA - EGA display font (Ventura Publisher)
  • .EK5 - SonarData Echoview file
  • .EK6 - SonarData Echoview file
  • .EKM - EXP: The Scientific Word Processor Macro
  • .EL - Elisp source code file (Emacs lisp)
  • .ELC - Compiled ELISP code (Emacs lisp)
  • .ELM - MS FrontPage Theme-Pack file
  • .ELT - Event list text file (Prosa)
  • .EMAIL - Outlook Express Mail Message
  • .EMB - Everest Embedded Bank File
  • .EMD - ABT Extended Module
  • .EMF - Enchanced Metafile graphics
  • .EML - MS Outlook Express Electronic Mail
  • .EMP - E-Music File Format
  • .EMS - PC Tools Enhanced Menu System Config
  • .EMU - Terminal emulation data (BITCOM)
  • .EMX - Ensuredmail encrypted file/e-mail message
  • .ENC - Encoded file - UUENCODEd file (Lotus 1-2-3 - uuexe515.exe)Music (Encore)
  • .END - Arrow-head definition file (CorelDRAW)
  • .ENG - Dictionary engine (Sprint)Graphics (charting) (EnerGraphics)
  • .ENS - EndNote Styles file
  • .ENV - Enveloper macro (WOPR)Environment file (WordPerfect for Win)
  • .EOT - MS WEFT Embedded OpenType file
  • .EPD - Publication (Express Publisher)
  • .EPI - Document (Express Publisher)
  • .EPP - EditPad Pro Project
  • .EPS - Encapsulated PostScript vector graphics (Adobe Illustrator)Printer font (Epson - Xerox...) (Ventura Publisher)
  • .EQN - Equation (WordPerfect for Win)
  • .ERD - Entity Relationship Diagram graphic file (Prosa)
  • .ERM - Entity Relationship Diagram model file (Prosa)
  • .ERR - Error logError messages for command line compilers
  • .ESH - Extended Shell batch file
  • .ESL - MS Visual FoxPro Distributable Support Library
  • .ESP - Ventura file
  • .ESS - EXP: The Scientific Word Processor Style Sheet
  • .EST - MS Streets & Trips 2001 Trip file
  • .ETF - Enriched Text filePolyEdit file
  • .ETH - Document (Ethnograph 3)
  • .ETX - Structure Enhanced (setext) text
  • .EV - SonarData Echoview file
  • .EVI - SonarData Echoview file
  • .EVL - SonarData Echoview file
  • .EVR - SonarData Echoview file
  • .EVT - Event log
  • .EVY - Document (WordPerfect Envoy)
  • .EWD - Document (Express Publisher for Windows)
  • .EWL - EclipseCrossword Word ListMicrosoft Encarta Document
  • .EX3 - Device driver (Harvard Graphics 3.0)
  • .EXC - Rexx source code file (VM/CMS)Exclude file for Optimize (do not process) (QEMM)
  • .EXD - Control Information Cache
  • .EXE - Directly executable program (DOS)
  • .EXM - Msdos executable, system-manager compliant (HP calculator)
  • .EXP - ICQ Saved Chat file
  • .EXT - Extension file (Norton Commander)
  • .EXX - Intermediate file by MsgPut (IBM LinkWay)
  • .EX_ - Compressed .EXE File in an Install Archive
  • .EZF - Fax (Calculus EZ-Fax)
  • .EZM - Text file
  • .EZP - Edify Electronic Workforce Backup Utility

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