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Open Member Quote   In the short time I've been here I have been able to recieve and (hopefully) give good info. I am glad to see a forum which embraces windows98, windows95 and DOS along with the newer O/Ss. Thanks to the moderators for all there help. I will be hanging around this site from now on - Merrick  Close Member Quote
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File Extension Database

Find what program a filetype belongs to in our searchable File Extension Database.
File Extension Database

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File Extension Database - H

File Extension Database 

The Cyber Tech Help File Extension Database is a searchable A-Z of file extensions.

To use the File Extension Database simply click on the first letter of the extension you are looking for.


Your Results are as follows :

  • .H - Header file
  • .H! - On-line help file (Flambeaux Help! Display Engine)
  • .H++ - Header file (C++)
  • .H-- - Header file (Sphinx C--)
  • .HA - Compressed file archive created by HA (
  • .HAM - Image file
  • .HAP - Compressed file archive created by HAP (
  • .HBK - Handbook (Mathcad)
  • .HCR - IBM HCD/HCM Production Configuration
  • .HDF - Hierarchical Data File graphics (SDSC Image Tools)Help file (Help Development Kit)
  • .HDL - Alternate download file listing (Procomm Plus)
  • .HDP - Magix Music/Video
  • .HDR - Pc-File+ Database headerDatafile (Egret)Message header text (Procomm Plus - 1st Reader)
  • .HDW - Vector graphics (Harvard Draw)
  • .HDX - Help index (AutoCAD - Zortech C++)
  • .HEX - Hex dump
  • .HFI - Hp Font Info file (GEM)
  • .HFX - HotFax fileUS Robotics Rapid Comm Voice Data file
  • .HGL - Hp Graphics Language graphics
  • .HH - C++ header file
  • .HHC - Table of Contents fileTurboTax Contents file
  • .HHH - Precompiled header file (Power C)
  • .HHK - Help Workshop Index file
  • .HHP - Help information for remote users (Procomm Plus)
  • .HHT - MS Messenger file
  • .HIN - Molecule (HyperChem)
  • .HIS - Insight II Dynamics Trajectory History fileSpy-CD CD Search Database file
  • .HLB - Help library (VAX)
  • .HLP - Help information
  • .HLZ - Multi-Edit Packed Help file
  • .HMM - Alternate Mail Read option menu (Procomm Plus)
  • .HNC - CNC program files Heidenhain (?) dialog
  • .HOF - Hall Of Fame (game scores)
  • .HP8 - Ascii text HP Roman8 character set (NewWave Write)
  • .HPF - Hp LaserJet fonts (PageMaker)
  • .HPG - HPGL plotter file vector graphics (AutoCad - Harvard Graphics)
  • .HPI - Font information file (GEM)
  • .HPJ - Help project (MS Help Compiler)
  • .HPK - Compressed file archive created by HPACK (
  • .HPM - Emm text (HP NewWave)Alternate Main menu for privileged users (Procomm Plus)
  • .HPP - C++ header file (Zortech C++)
  • .HQX - Compressed Macintosh ASCII archive created by BINHEX (
  • .HRF - Graphics (Hitachi Raster Format)
  • .HRM - Alternate Main menu for limited/normal users (Procomm Plus)
  • .HS2 - Monochrome image (Postering)
  • .HSI - Handmade Software Inc. graphics - almost JPEG (Image Alchemy)
  • .HST - History file (Procomm Plus)
  • .HTA - Hypertext application
  • .HTC - HTML Component (mechanism for implementing Dynamic HTML in script)
  • .HTF - WebBase File
  • .HTI - WebBase File
  • .HTM - HyperText Markup Language document
  • .HTR - Motion Analysis Software Skeletal file
  • .HTT - Hypertext template
  • .HTX - Hypertext file
  • .HUS - Husqvarna Designer I Embroidery Machine Format
  • .HWD - Presentation (Hollywood)
  • .HXM - Alternate Protocol Selection menu for all users (Procomm Plus)
  • .HXX - C++ header file
  • .HY1 - Hyphenation algorithms (Ventura Publisher)
  • .HY2 - Hyphenation algorithms (Ventura Publisher)
  • .HYC - Data (WordPerfect)
  • .HYD - Hyphenation dictionary (WordPerfect for Win)
  • .HYP - Compressed file archive created by HYPER (

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