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File Extension Database

Find what program a filetype belongs to in our searchable File Extension Database.
File Extension Database

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File Extension Database - J

File Extension Database 

The Cyber Tech Help File Extension Database is a searchable A-Z of file extensions.

To use the File Extension Database simply click on the first letter of the extension you are looking for.


Your Results are as follows :

  • .JAR - Java archive file
  • .JAS - Graphics
  • .JAV - Java source code file
  • .JBC - Jam Byte-Code Hex fileBestCrypt File
  • .JBD - Datafile (SigmaScan)
  • .JBF - Paint Shop Pro browser file
  • .JBK - Juno Backup file
  • .JBR - Jasc Paint Shop Pro Brush
  • .JBX - Project file (Project Scheduler 4)
  • .JDT - Accelio Capture Classic Filler
  • .JEF - Janome NH10000 Sewing Machine file
  • .JET - Fax (Hybrid JetFax)
  • .JFF - Bitmap graphics (JPEG File Interchange Format)
  • .JFX - J2 Fax File
  • .JHTML - Dynamo Server Page
  • .JIF - JPEG/JIFF ImageJeff's Image Format
  • .JMX - JMeter file
  • .JNB - Sigma Plot Workbook file
  • .JNL - Ingres Journal file
  • .JOB - Job fileTask Scheduler Task ObjectAI Research fileQuestVision Vector Graphics file
  • .JOR - Journal file SQL
  • .JOU - Journal backup (VAX Edt editor)
  • .JPC - Graphics (Japan PIC)
  • .JPE - JPEG image
  • .JPG - Bitmap graphics (Joint Photography Experts Group)
  • .JPS - Stereo Image
  • .JSD - eFAX Jet Suite Document
  • .JSH - Henter-Joyce, Inc. Jaws Script Header file
  • .JSP - Java Server page
  • .JTF - Fax (Hayes JT Fax)Bitmap graphics (JPEG Tagged Interchange Format)
  • .JTP - Jetform file
  • .JW - Text document (JustWrite)
  • .JWL - Library (JustWrite)
  • .JWP - Easy CD Creator Label fileJWP Document
  • .JZZ - Spreatsheet (Jazz)

You searched for the letter J.