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Open Member Quote   In the short time I've been here I have been able to recieve and (hopefully) give good info. I am glad to see a forum which embraces windows98, windows95 and DOS along with the newer O/Ss. Thanks to the moderators for all there help. I will be hanging around this site from now on - Merrick  Close Member Quote
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File Extension Database

Find what program a filetype belongs to in our searchable File Extension Database.
File Extension Database

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File Extension Database - K

File Extension Database 

The Cyber Tech Help File Extension Database is a searchable A-Z of file extensions.

To use the File Extension Database simply click on the first letter of the extension you are looking for.


Your Results are as follows :

  • .KAR - Midi file with karaoke word track
  • .KB - Keyboard script (Borland C++ 4.5)Program source (Knowledge Pro)
  • .KBD - Keyboard mapping (LocoScript - Signature - Procomm Plus)
  • .KBM - Keyboard mapping (Reflection 4.0)
  • .KCL - Lisp source code (Kyoto Common Lisp)
  • .KCP - Keychamp file
  • .KDC - Kodak Photo-Enhancer/Photogen file
  • .KEX - Macro (KEDIT)
  • .KEY - Datafile (Forecast Pro)Keyboard macrosSecurity file eg. Shareware Registration info
  • .KIT - Raven Toolkit file
  • .KIX - KixTart Script
  • .KMA - Kodak Memory Book file
  • .KMP - Korg Trinity KeyMaP file
  • .KMX - Kaufman Mmail Warrior Mail Folder
  • .KOS - MicroType Pro Document
  • .KPL - Kazaa PlaylistKPL Source Code
  • .KPP - Toolpad (SmartPad)
  • .KPS - Ibm KIPS bitmap graphics
  • .KQP - Konica Quality Picture
  • .KRZ - Kurzweil 2000 Sample
  • .KTK - Kutoka's Mia
  • .KYB - Keyboard mapping (FTP Software PC/TCP)

You searched for the letter K.