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File Extension Database

Find what program a filetype belongs to in our searchable File Extension Database.
File Extension Database

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File Extension Database - U

File Extension Database 

The Cyber Tech Help File Extension Database is a searchable A-Z of file extensions.

To use the File Extension Database simply click on the first letter of the extension you are looking for.


Your Results are as follows :

  • .UAX - Unreal Audio file
  • .UB - Audio file (unsigned byte)
  • .UC2 - Compressed file archive created by UltraCompressor II (
  • .UCN - New compressed file archive created by UltraCompressor II
  • .UCS - Universal Classification Standard Database file
  • .UDC - Acrobat Spelling file
  • .UDF - Filter (Photostyler)
  • .UDL - MS Data Link
  • .UDS - Sierra Generations Family file
  • .UE2 - Encrypted file archive created by UltraCompressor II
  • .UFO - Ulead Object file
  • .UHA - UHARC Compressed Archive
  • .UHS - Universal Hint System (binary file)
  • .UI - Espire source code file (Geoworks UI Compiler)User interface (Sprint)
  • .UIF - Long prompts for windows (WordPerfect for Win)
  • .UIH - Espire header file (Geoworks UI Compiler)
  • .UL - Ulaw audio file
  • .ULD - Information about uploaded files (Procomm Plus)
  • .ULT - Music (UltraTracker)
  • .UMB - Backup file (MemMaker)
  • .UMX - Unreal music file
  • .UNI - Unimod music module (MIKMOD)Datafile (Forecast Pro)
  • .UNQ - Fax View file
  • .UNX - Text file containing UNIX specific info
  • .UPD - Program update infoUpdate data (dBASE)
  • .UPO - Compiled update data (dBASE)
  • .UPX - ULead Photo Express Saved Image file
  • .USB - D-Link FM Radio UpdateUSB Protocol Analyzer Trace
  • .USP - Printer font with USASCII extended character set (PageMaker)
  • .USR - User database file (Procomm Plus - Turbo C++ tour)
  • .UTF - AOL Updating Files
  • .UTL - Sound file
  • .UTX - Unreal Texture fileUnicode file
  • .UU - Compressed ASCII file archive created by UUDE/ENCODE
  • .UUE - Compressed ASCII file archive created by UUENCODE (uuexe515.exe)
  • .UVR - Ulead Cool 360 Viewer file
  • .UW - Audio file (unsigned word)
  • .UWL - WordPerfect User word list

You searched for the letter U.