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Open Member Quote   Just had to post a note to say how impressed I am with this site. I only discovered it a few days ago and I have to confess that I am a TOTAL non-starter with computers...but very keen and willing to learn! :D I have asked for - and received - prompt help in partitioning my hard drive although I decided after sucessfully doing it, to go back to normal coz other stuff confused me! Still, I am upgrading to a faster processor and bigger hard drive in the very near future so will be carrying out the procedure again (I hope) Just wanted to say how grateful I am for the support and I will be recommending the site to all my friends - peachyglint1  Close Member Quote
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File Extension Database

Find what program a filetype belongs to in our searchable File Extension Database.
File Extension Database

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File Extension Database - V

File Extension Database 

The Cyber Tech Help File Extension Database is a searchable A-Z of file extensions.

To use the File Extension Database simply click on the first letter of the extension you are looking for.


Your Results are as follows :

  • .V - Consistency check support file (ReaGeniX code generator)Main input file for an image (Vivid 2.0)
  • .V64 - Nintento 64 Emulation ROM Image
  • .VAL - Validity checks and referential integrity (Paradox for Windows)Values list object file (dBASE Application Generator)
  • .VAN - Animation (VistaPro)
  • .VAR - Variable file (IconAuthor)
  • .VBC - Visual Business Cards
  • .VBD - ActiveX file
  • .VBE - VBScript Encoded Script file
  • .VBN - Norton Corporate anti-virus quarantined file
  • .VBP - Visual Basic Project
  • .VBS - Visual Basic Script file (Visual Basic)
  • .VBW - Visual Basic Project Workplace (Visual Basic)
  • .VBX - Visual Basic eXtension (Visual Basic)
  • .VC - Include file with color definitions (Vivid 2.0)Spreatsheet (VisiCalc)
  • .VCD - VisualCADD Drawing fileVideo CD format
  • .VCF - VCard file
  • .VCH - Interlock Public Computer Utility
  • .VCW - Visual workbench information (MS Visual C++)
  • .VCX - Spreatsheet (VisiCalc Advanced)
  • .VDA - Bitmap graphics
  • .VDB - Norton AntiVirus Corporate Edition Update filePC-cillin Quarantined file
  • .VDF - AntiVir virus definition fileVexira Anti-virus virus definition file
  • .VDM - VDM Play
  • .VDR - Drawing (ComputerEasy Draw)
  • .VDX - XML for Visio Drawing fileVector Graphic fileVirtual Device Driver
  • .VEM - VeePro Embroidery Software FormatVoice E-mail file
  • .VEW - View file (Clipper 5, Lotus Approach)
  • .VFM - Voting Form (Voter)
  • .VFN - Voting Form for Customers (Voter)
  • .VFP - TMPGEnc VFAPI Plug-in
  • .VFX - Ulead Video Studio Sample file
  • .VGA - Vga display driverVga display font
  • .VGD - Vga display driver (Generic CADD)
  • .VGR - Graphics (Ventura Publisher)
  • .VI - Graphics (Jovian Logic VI)
  • .VIC - Vicar graphics
  • .VID - Ms-DOS Shell Monitor file (MS-DOS 5)Bitmap graphics (YUV12C M-Motion Frame Buffer)Screen device driver (Word)
  • .VIF - Khoros Visualization image file (SDSC Image Tool)
  • .VIK - Viking graphics
  • .VIR - Virus Infected file
  • .VIS - Vis graphics
  • .VIV - VivoActive Player Video file
  • .VLM - Ashlar-Vellum fileNovell Virtual Loadable ModuleVellum CAD Drawing
  • .VM - Virtual Memory file (Geoworks)
  • .VM1 - Panasonic SD Voice Editor file
  • .VMC - Virtual memory configuration (Acrobat reader)
  • .VMF - Font characteristics (Ventura Publisher)Voice mail file (VocalTec Voice)
  • .VML - Vector Markup Language
  • .VMO - Mobile Phone voice file (Siemens Sl45)Virtools Behavioral Server Composition (Web-based Protected Format)Cosmopolitan Virtual Makeover File
  • .VMP - Logos Library System 2.x Verse Map
  • .VMS - Text file containing VMS specific info
  • .VO - Include file with object definition (Vivid 2.0)
  • .VOB - DVD video movie file
  • .VOC - Digitized samples (Creative Voice file)
  • .VOF - Object folder (VZ Programmer)
  • .VOL - Tribes 2 game fileEarth Siege 2 ArchiveGiants: Citizen Kabuto ArchiveTribes ArchiveTribes Extreme Archive
  • .VOR - Template
  • .VOX - Vox AudioDialogic ADPCMTalking Technology Inc. fileNatural MicroSystmes Voice file
  • .VPA - Excite Chat Gestures file
  • .VPD - Virpet Performance DescriptorVitaGraph file
  • .VPG - Graphics (VPGraphics)
  • .VPP - Virtual Pool GameRed Faction/Summoner Package file
  • .VQE - Yamaha Sound-VQ Locator File
  • .VQF - Yamaha Sound-VQ File
  • .VQL - Yamaha Sound-VQ Locator File
  • .VRD - VRScape data file
  • .VRM - Overlay file (QuattroPro)
  • .VRO - Panasonic DVD Recorder file
  • .VRP - Project (WATCOM VXRexx)
  • .VRS - Video Resource eg. video device driver (WordPerfect)
  • .VS - Include file with surface definition (Vivid 2.0)
  • .VSD - Diagram (Shapeware Visio)
  • .VSL - GetRight Download List fileVisio Library
  • .VSM - Simulation model (VisSim)
  • .VSP - Sprite (SPX)
  • .VSS - Smartshapes file (Shapeware Visio)
  • .VST - Truevision Vista bitmap graphics
  • .VTX - XML for Visio template file
  • .VUE - Animation (3D Studio)View (dBASE IV - FoxPro)
  • .VW - Text file (Volkswriter)
  • .VW3 - Text file (Volkswriter 3)
  • .VWL - VideoWave Video Wave Library
  • .VWR - File viewer file (PC Tools)
  • .VWT - VideoWave Thumbnail
  • .VXD - Virtual device driver (MS Windows)
  • .VYD - VyperHelp

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