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Ned Seagoon January 23rd, 2019 09:03 PM


Originally Posted by Total Noob (Post 1304471)
Each 5x3 foot panel produces about 330 watts/hour in good sun and it takes 100 kwh to juice a Tesla car, so it takes some combination of panels and sun hours totalling 300 for a fill up. In the winter, 6 hours of sun is a lot, so you are looking at about 50 panels generating about 16.67 kw/h to get a full tank from zero in a day.

No idea about that, however there is an Orthodontist with a Tesla and a practice near me on the Sunshine Coast and another practice at Hervey Bay, just over 200km away. He has a carport at each practice with solar panels on the roof. He drives back and forth at least once each week between the two practices plus his local driving at each end and never needs to use any grid power to keep his Tesla fully charged.

How do I know? There was a story in the local paper about this a couple of years ago.

Total Noob October 31st, 2019 04:23 PM

A report in the paper about a newly filed lawsuit recently includes issues related to my Tesla and Unwanted rants here.

A Tesla driver known to have purchased for its ostensible safety record crashed into a tree. He would hardly have had a scratch in a normal car, but according to court papers, the battery caught fire, and the car shorted out, leaving him unable to operate the doors or windows, and he died from the smoke.

Among all the other ill conceived useless features that add to the price, the omission of exitable doors is stunning.

Mr Bean November 16th, 2019 03:09 AM

Check out this video of a Tesla in our town. I can't believe the driver got that much air with such a heavy vehicle. My son tells me that, apparently, the guy got done for drink driving after as it ended up parked up a tree in a school up the road.

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