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deltatango February 14th, 2020 05:32 PM

Can you load an overlay to a SSD?
Got an old old Dell notebook with not much going for it, built for DOS with a hint of Windows 2000 and can bribe XP to sit in it (128Mb memory) and 233MHz, yes I know throw it away!

With XP gives me a chance to link with printer and "toys" of that period, using it for Word type letter mail etc.

Its Bios has the 8Gb limit and it would be no problem to fit a larger drive with an overlay to correct size issues but I have seen PATA type SSD's for cheapish prices which would give it speed but I do not know if its possible to locate an overlay for one let alone install it.

If anyone can give me any help that would be great............

Many Thanks from David :happy:

Ensign Tzap February 15th, 2020 02:19 AM


Yeah, you can get PATA SSD drives, and I remember Seagate having Bio's adapting software for they're drives.

But before you get in to that........

What are you trying too run on this old Laptop?

A top heavy Operating System like XP will be slow, and even if you strip it down too the bare bones, running App's will be slow as well.
Perhaps you should look at one of the different flavors of Linux instead.
That and max out the memory.

Signed: Ensign Tzap

deltatango February 16th, 2020 02:32 PM

Just for fun! I like working with long shot projects like this keeps the old memory working trying to remember methods of operation.

Yes I did look at Linux but it would have to be an older version to fit with the systems older spec which then runs into driver issues and would need a person more in tune with Linux to find what was required.

Yes I agree XP is a large lump (or more precise became a large lump) its first edition sat quite well with the then older systems, service pack 2 opened many doors but SP3 was the death knell plus all those later updates (network framework).
My idea is get it to SP2 so it can talk to later systems in a basic way, no internet etc that would require an antivirus a period copy of Word to do snail mail, print my postage labels etc.

Yes I do have a system with 10 working but find my older software either will not work or files are unable to be transfered over as they have a DOS based element to them. Also Win10 keeps updating to block threats (fine) but keeps changing my settings at will, so I am like OK will use an old system till "you" get tired and move on to Win11.

Many of the teams that worked on 7 are now joining 10 teams to update earlier versions which they stopped when conflicts became a problem with older hardware.

I just thought as there are cheap Chinese SSD modules in a Pata form would give a speed boost but to go above 8Gb would require some generic overlay software to say 16Gb or 32Gb which would be more than enough, plus I would learn a bit.

Many thanks from David

Ensign Tzap February 16th, 2020 07:31 PM


Still want to run XP, Huh.......

Well, I suggest you start with Expanding Laptop Memory.
Is 128Mb the maximum?
Or can you get it up too say 512Mb?
Because the more memory XP has to work with, the better.
Also, check and see if there is a BIO's upgrade for your Laptop.

Instead of one Hard Drive, how about two?
There were these adapter kits, that you could get, that replaced the Floppy or CD-Rom with a Hard Drive Holder.
Thus, you make the SSD your Boot Drive/and Memory Swap Drive, and you use the Old Drive as storage for{Pic's, Audio Files, Doc's} and some programs.

But without a model number of the Laptop you have.
I don't know if you can still find, or if they will even work with your Laptop.

Check with the 8-Bit Guy, or LDR and see if they can help you.
These Websites do a lot of retro fitting of old computers, with more modern devices.
{Just Google the names} ;)

Plus, check out VOGONS
They do a lot of work with getting old software to run on newer machines.
As well as help getting older systems up and running.

Signed: Ensign Tzap

deltatango February 18th, 2020 12:23 AM

I will give them a try for sure.

In answer to your questions :- 128Mb is its maximum, there is no CD or Floppy directly fitted (Floppy is via plug in port) one USB and one PCI "type" plug in plus the usual headphone & mic along with the docking station connector port, serial and printer port.

I did manage for a short while to run on an 8Gb drive with a pci memory plug in but it "lost its way" finding things so thats when I thought to try an overlay route which I know has some issues but figured that if data was in one location it would make it more of a easy time for it.

For the punchline its an old 560Z (sharp intake of breath)!!

Many thanks from David......

Ensign Tzap February 25th, 2020 09:49 PM


I tried looking up Dell 560z, and came up with a Desktop system.
Not a Laptop.
Are you sure this isn't an IBM ThinkPad 560z Laptop?

If this is a ThinkPad, then it doesn't have a PCI Port.
But, it has a PCMCIA Port for MCIA expansion cards.

Also, you can find manuals and parts just by googling "IBM ThinkPad 560z Spec's".

Signed: Ensign Tzap

deltatango February 27th, 2020 08:43 PM

Guilty on both counts, yes it is a ThinkPad and I had forgotten the full term for its socket array which is its version of pci connections.
I set up my projects so when one finishes another begins and it was getting near to giving this old system another "try".
My idea was to make it work with up to 32Gb so keep it in a FAT32 based system mode. This to me would be an overlays max supported sensible size with SSD as any larger would make that file format create super sized clusters, many of those used drives of under 30Gb are I found to be damaged because they either used oil based bearings (which leaked)and do not spin freely or had XP on them that got a virus which meant it suffered from disk damage as the scan heads would crash often scratching the platter.

Looks like I will have to obtain a recertified drive thats larger and either use a part or split it which I think would not be a good idea due to heavier overlay usage.

I had just wondered if anyone had managed to use Ontrack on an SSD before.

Thanks for your continued interest


Max44 March 6th, 2020 04:36 PM

OverlayFS is supported if you meet the following prerequisites:

The overlay2 driver is supported on Docker Engine - Community, and Docker EE 17.06.02-ee5 and up, and is the recommended storage driver.
Version 4.0 or higher of the Linux kernel, or RHEL or CentOS using version 3.10.0-514 of the kernel or higher. If you use an older kernel, you need to use the overlay driver, which is not recommended.
The overlay and overlay2 drivers are supported on xfs backing filesystems, but only with d_type=true enabled.

Use xfs_info to verify that the ftype option is set to 1. To format an xfs filesystem correctly, use the flag -n ftype=1.

Murf March 6th, 2020 11:24 PM

Hay MAX44, you were banned as Lewis-H by our admin, so now your MAX44. Why are you picking up members post a couple months old then cut and pasting information that may or may not be relative to the members problem?

Are you bored, your about to see the word BANNED again. Your welcome here but please post relative info to those problems the members have not solved yet....

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