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Eynete May 17th, 2019 04:30 PM

Linux advice
There is nothing to learn that much for virtual machines, especially if you decide to use VirtualBox.

The installation of the program itself is very straightforward. It takes 5 minutes even for a complete beginner. It is literally three simple steps. Even with GUI, for those ones who are afraid of using commands.
Then you only mount the ISO as you would mount a bootable CD/USB and that's it.

The configurations are preconfigured, and you can start tweaking after you test and try and decide how much and what you would allocate from your machines resources.

If you have decent amounts of SSD, CPU and RAM you wont notice difference between host and virt.
I have a crappy specs so I find some troubles sometimes. But its because I try to use heavier programs and games than I really can afford.

It is so great to turn on you computer and load whatever OS you like. And your main operating system, the Host, is always isolated so it wont get messed up, unless you are specifically targeted, or doing something stupid on purpose.

I sometimes have 3-4 Linux Distros along with Windows 7 or Windows 10 ready to go.

Good luck with it, you are going to love it

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