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Merv Wiz June 25th, 2017 10:33 AM

Unknown Folder, Can't Delete
I have discovered a folder on my computer, I know nothing of how it got there so obviously I want to delete it.
When I try to delete it says Access denied, you must be an administrator.
I am the only user and the only Administrator, It then says I have to take ownership of the folder/files, when I follow the instructions there is still no way to delete it or the files in it.
The folder is in the Root of E: and is just called 3 (e:/3)
It is not the system drive, it's one I use when downloading anything, The content of the folder is pictured below, Nothing is accessible.
Can't add the picture as it's on my computer.

Murf June 25th, 2017 04:58 PM

So you tried:

Right clicking the folder, then to Properties then to Security Tab
Clicked the Advance button The "Advanced Security Settings" window appears.
Changed the Owner of the key.

Click the Change Link next to Owner label
The Select User or Group window appears
Select the user account via the Advanced button or just type your user account in the area which says "Enter the object name to select' click OK

Now once that is done right click the file/folder again, click Properties then click the Security Tab

Click the "Add Button, the "Permission Entry" window appears

Select a principal and select your account
Set permissions to "Full control"
Click OK

Now try and delete it?????????????????

renegade600 June 25th, 2017 10:24 PM

are you sure it is not from some program you recently installed? anyway if the above instructions does not work, you can always boot to a linux live disk and delete it.

Digerati June 26th, 2017 06:33 PM


I know nothing of how it got there so obviously I want to delete it.
It would not be obvious to me. What is the time stamp of the folder? What is in it?

Even if you are an administrator, it is not uncommon to be prompted to use administrator rights - it depends on your UAC settings.

If above suggestions don't work, you could try booting into Safe Mode then try to delete it. Or run an elevated (as administrator) command prompt and delete it. Or use a program like MoveOnBoot which will let you tag the folder then delete it early-on during the next boot cycle, before Windows or any application can set hooks in it.

brieniuluff September 6th, 2017 01:06 PM

Unknown Folder Cant Delete
I am foolish :)

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