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lauranne44 August 9th, 2019 10:50 PM

,,,,,WHERE can I find the Holy Grail???????????????
so, maybe 20 years ago I made the decision to never play online games against humans. One of the many reasons was I had heard about widespread cheating software.

A person told me he prevented this with software called PunkBuster.

So, clearly, it is possible to go into a game after the fact and change the way it runs.

So, I am looking for that simple sledgehammer.
A really long time ago I got seduced into buying a WW2 air combat game, very glamorous, dozens of fantastic planes from all sides you could fly.

But, you start the game and it FORCES you into a script. Forces you to play a first mission in a weak slow clumsy useless worthless biplane, dodging mountains on some kind of ponderous spy mission, while the enemy is in the planes you WANTED to fly.

Should go without saying, I quit and never played again. Frustration and boredom are not my idea of fun. HULK SMASH is my idea of fun.

so....Where is the Universal Sledgehammer software that will control any and all PC reach a scenario you know the devs have sadistically made impossible. But you want to finish the game.
You use the Magic Genie, and the frustration scenario is SKIPPED, it tells the game you completed it.

Where is that? I must be only one of BILLIONS of persons hungry for this.

Also needed:

Some games will pause/minimize with a click of the Windows Button. Some won't.
Of those that will close, some stop playing audio, so when you are back to the desktop, you can do other things while the game still runs in the background.
Too many games Keep Playing their audio even when you're looking at the desktop.
Need Sledghamer that silences when switched over to desktop

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