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Tutorial - Virtual Windows95 for old games

Tutorial: Installing Windows 95 in a virtual machine to run old games:

Objective - Install Windows 95 in a virtual machine (in a WindowsXP Host) to enable old software to be used that does not otherwise run in newer Windows versions.

Pre-requisite downloads required:
Microsoft Virtual PC 2007 Setup:
From Microsoft
Note: Newer versions of Sun VirtualBox are not easy to get Windows95 guests to behave nicely (hardware incompatibilities abound!)

Win95 Bootdisk (CD) Images
Win95a from here (Link broken 2014 - now try This page)

Install Microsoft Virtual PC 2007.

Run VirtualPC Console.

Start a new VM Wizard:

Select Windows98 as the O/S Template:

Create new Virtual Hard Disk

Your new VM is ready to use.

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