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could you help me?

hi, thank you soo very much for the tutorial, it was very easy to follow, and helped A LOT. i installed the win95 perfectly with it.
but...may i ask for your help at something, or if you have any advices for me ?
e recently wanted to relieve some nostalgic ideas and got one of my oold favorite games, earthworm jim: special edition (the win95 version of the game) and, the sound doesnīt work perfectly on xp (sound effects vanish after some events, like picking an extra life up, or using the helicopter jump and donīt come back), it happens with every xp windows. a lot of people told me that i should play on w95, using microsoftīs virtual pc and....i tried such, to no avail, same thing happens. perhaps itīs the audiocard ? or thereīs something else i should do inside virtual w95, after installing it on the virtual pc?
if you have any ideas, advices or something, i would appreciate.
thank you for your time, and for the awesome tutorial.
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