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Originally Posted by lufbra View Post
By the way, what's happening now with ALL those ladies who accused The Don of "sexual abuse"?
They've probably found someone else to satisfy their needs.

Realistically I'm not surprised that they have disappeared from view, it must be very embarrassing to reveal that you've been groped, to say nothing about being ridiculed by the groper and the press for doing so.

Just because they've disappeared from the front pages is no evidence that it didn't happen, after all we've all heard the man boasting over that open mike about what he gets up to with unsuspecting women.

Lufbra we all know that you are a supporter of the republican party, that is your right, but it is a great pity that a party with such a rich history has selected such a sleazebag as their figurehead. It will be interesting to read what history has to say about these times.
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