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Well, if compatible brand new RAM from a reliable source can be obtained for only around forty dollars American, I'd just as soon simply replace what I've got. For that matter, there are four slots, would I need to upgrade other items if I filled all four slots? Can you recommend a reliable dealer of RAM? Never bought computer components before. Someone at Tiger Direct years ago quoted me an insane price of something like three hundred dollars for RAM, said it was because they don't manufacture it any more!

Oh, by the way, since the day I posted the OP, there has not evidently been any crash to blue screen and IE, although glacially slow, at least does not freeze.
I did try to install a POS piece of software called BlueStacks. This caused the fans to dly
Whine like they used to before I cleaned out the dust.

It was not new dust, clean as a whistle. I'm convinced that the RAM simply cannot handle what I need it to
and needs to be replaced, upgraded or both. Either that, or something else is ready to die? I have no computer knowledge really.

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