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Originally Posted by Jintan View Post
I see you are starting threads in different forums about the same situation. Kind of thinking since your blue screens have quit occurring our discussion here is probably over.
Thank you for your reply.

Since the forum is divided into different sections, it makes sense to me to post the issue under different categories that may be causing.

Blue Screen has come back with a vengence. Almost daily.
Since I read that turning a computer on and off wears out the hard drive, I've been simply leaving the machine on every night. Almost every morning,
I wake to blue screen.

I'm guessing that physically removing one of the two RAM sticks is going to severely impair performance. Not sure if you or anyone else yet answered the question, can a RAM stick be partially bad.

Point is, I use this all day every day. Not really thrilled with idea of running on one stick for many hours limping along to see if that causes the once a day Blue Screen.

So, I went ahead and spent $42 I can't really spare on a couple replacement RAM sticks. Will be here within two weeks. Hopefully that will solve the issue. Will report in here periodically.
Hilariously, cost to have someone come install the sticks was listed as $71, just for labor.

Meanwhile would like to be working on other possible causes.

I finally scrubbed out this cr@ppy "Blue Stacks" software running in the background, and that appears to have increased speed.

Monitor says something like "Physical Memory Used" and it's always in the high 90s.

That seems sort of worrisome.

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