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Why are all microsoft products so bad?

Thank you for reading this. I am running Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit on an HP desktop P6710f.
I have windows media player installed, but cannot figure out how to find and tell you the Version I have.

I have created a few Audacity Audio files, and exported them to the computer as MP3 files. They play fine in Windows Media Player. I am hoping they will also burn fine in WMP.

The problem is this: I gave them stupid names to begin with.

I was easily able to click on each audio file and RENAME.

However, when I now click on these RENAMED files, to play them in WMP, they move to WMP and list as the OLD NAMES NOT THE NEW NAMES.

They also will not list in WMP as I want them to, in numerical order, as the new names are all starting with a number.

This is a screaming agony of frustration.