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I strongly suspect this was DELIBERATE RAPE to discourage people from putting their CD collections onto a Windows computer.
Oh wow! Tin foil hat time.

Microsoft doesn't care if users put their CDs on their computers. For the record, I have transferred over 3700 tunes from more than 440 CDs onto my computer and WMP plays them just fine. A quick Google search even reveals several Microsoft links showing how to do it with WMP - like this one. Of course I did not try to rename any of them with "stupid names".

Yes, I am defending MS in this case - as I will for any one, product, or company that is falsely or unfairly accused. If you had done any checking, you would have easily seen I am one of their toughest critics too when they mess up - which they certainly have done many times.

The fact is, the developers at MS are some of the top in the industry. The problem at MS typically is due to meddling fingers from the marketing department and bean-counters.

For the record, I've been using MS Word since Word for Windows 1.0 for DOS. Currently with 2016 now. Works fine for us here. I suspect operator error and dinking with the defaults in your case.

There's a reason Word supplanted Peach Text, WordStar and WordPerfect and still dominates over those products and LibreOffice and OpenOffice. And there is a reason Windows dominates over all other PC operating systems combined and it is not because Microsoft products are bad.
I despise the look and feel of Windows 10 and would rather murder bill gates than ever use it.
Well, you are lucky you didn't spew such hate, hostility and violence towards another at one of the sites where I am on the staff or you would be gone.

But to your comment, it just illustrates ignorance on many fronts. For one, it is simple (and free to a whole $5) to make W10 look and feel like W7. For another Bill Gates has not been involved in the the day-to-day running of MS for well over 10 years and in software development for longer than that. And for another, W10 was offered to all Windows 7 and Windows 8 users for free for well over a year. So how is that financial rape?

Yes, there should be no bugs, but when you can produce a bug-free operating system that has over 30 million lines of code that supports ~700 million computers that became unique computers within minutes of first boot with no problems, let us know. I will bow to your supremeness. In the meantime, I recommend you educate yourself to learn the facts before spewing such biased nonsense that hardly makes you look... ...informed.

I agree with IPR512. Since it is clear in your mind Windows will never support your needs, I urge you to go with one of the many free versions of Linux. Except for playing some of the latest games, there is very little you cannot do with a properly set up Linux box.