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Yeah, my poor home town... again.
Thanks for posting Neddie... I was going to post an "I'm OK" here last night, but frankly I'm not "OK"... I am angry, shocked, saddened, devastated and a whole range of other emotions. I barely slept last night, not in fear, but in turmoil.

I made a pointed comment on social media yesterday afternoon (about three hours into the event - well after the facebook livestream fact was widely known) that the media and politicians were still not labeling this an act of terrorism. It took about 5 hours for that word to be officially used. I will say it again...
this really is this black and white... If this had been darkskinned persons doing this in "Christian" places of worship, it would have been labelled terrorism IMMEDIATELY. The fact that they are reluctant to use the right words is a sign that maybe we aren't as liberal as we like to think we are.
p.s. Close the border to White Australians .. when?

To those of us that share neither belief system, the extremists on both sides of this religious divide have always seemed as bad as each other, but they never seem to manage to end up killing one another, it always ends up the "normal innocent people" who are the victims of their terrorism.
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