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I echo all condolences to families and friends of those who lost their lives in the horror.

Originally Posted by smurfy View Post
this really is this black and white... If this had been darkskinned persons doing this in "Christian" places of worship, it would have been labelled terrorism IMMEDIATELY. The fact that they are reluctant to use the right words is a sign that maybe we aren't as liberal as we like to think we are.
Maybe, but this is a function of semantics and observed outcomes more than reality. It will take an effort to make reality jibe with the language.

"Terrorists" are typically part of organizations that motivate and/or train and/or plan and execute hostile acts against civilians for political and/or tactical gain.

Even then, whether they are "terrorists" or "freedom fighters" depends on your view of their aims and their results at the end of the day. Some might have arguments about the validity of the objectives of the PLO, the Taliban, the Irish Republican Army, the KKK and even ISIL even while condemning their behavior, and the characterization of culprits may depend on your view of their aims.

Meanwhile "loan wolves" such as Timothy McVeigh (Murrah Building explosion) Dylan Roof (Charleston church rampage) and the accused Robert Bowers (Pittsburgh synagogue rampage) are only "hate criminals" rather than terrorists and of course Stephen Paddock who killed about 60 people at a concert in Las Vegas without an evident motivation isn't even that.

Originally Posted by smurfy View Post
To those of us that share neither belief system, the extremists on both sides of this religious divide have always seemed as bad as each other, but they never seem to manage to end up killing one another, it always ends up the "normal innocent people" who are the victims of their terrorism.
I would point to the ongoing Sunni vs Shiite internecine Muslim wars, the India (Buddhist) vs. Pakistan (Muslim) conflict, and the Myanmar crisis (also Buddhist vs Muslim) as ongoing examples of the contrary. These guys go for soft targets and hard, leaders and civilians.

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