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and that he could remove them for a mere $79.
So my question is: is there a safe way a "technotard" like me can straighten this mess out?
Yes. First, the technotard is that AVG tech, not you! The proof is you refusing to fall for their scam. You are a wise man!

They should have bent over backwards to make you a happy customer and helped you get their program running for free, instead of trying to scam you out of $79. You are a paying customer already and you were seeking help with their program.

If me, after that, I would have demanded a total refund (especially since they downgraded you to the free version), removed AVG and told everyone I know not to use AVG products! At the very least, when your subscription runs out, that would be my recommendation.

But you still need a good security solution so I would uninstall McAfee (if not already gone - it is a good security program but does have a history of hogging resources). I would keep or reinstall Malwarebytes, and install the free Microsoft Security Essentials (MSE). MSE along with Malwarebytes for a double check makes a formidable defense against the bad guys. That is the setup I used on all my W7 systems until I migrated to W10 (which you should do soon, BTW). Then I went with Windows Defender (the sibling program of MSE) which is already integrated with W10. And because everyone should have a secondary scanner just for double checking - regardless their primary scanner of choice - I use and recommend Malwarebytes for that.

For the record, since I switched all my systems to MSE in 2009, then Windows Defender in 2015, none of my systems have ever been compromised by malware. And I know this by double checking with Malwarebytes.
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