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Say no to Google Drive

I put about 7 gb of pix onto Google Drive for a backup, but then decided to put my backup on a thumb drive instead, and then delete the Google Drive storage.

This turned into a major hassle. You can delete your folders, but the contents remain. You can delete files in bulk, but it is very, very, very slow, and you have to work around site programming errors that lead to hangs, and scroll through conceivably thousands of files to get them into trash, and then again when emptying trash.

Even if you wanted to keep using it, it is a major hassle. You cannot move things around or check for file duplicates as if it was a local drive, and God only knows if Google is reading your files or stealing your images and music or turning over contents indexes to the government or the Mafia.

The 15gb of free storage is not worth the extra effort. Buy a thumb drive in the pharmacy or electronics store, and you will be much happier.
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