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as previously mentioned, the battery alarm is different from other sounds. You should be able to test it to see if it works or if the default is loud enough.

Step 1: Yes, you can set the low battery notification. Whenever your battery gets to a critical level (you can set it to what you want in your Advanced Power Plan Settings), you also get an audible alarm. Problem is that the default alarm can go unnoticed if you're playing music or are focused on what you're doing. However, you can change it to something that you can recognize and identify with.

a) Go to Control Panel, Sound.

b) Click on the Sounds Tab.

c) The Critical Battery Alarm is near the top of the list of Windows sounds. Click on test to hear it, and note how unobtrusive it is.

d) You can change it to something better by clicking on the Browse button and finding a WAV file you'll recognize, or you can just make your own WAV clip for the same purpose.
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