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Originally Posted by Total Noob View Post
Someone has decided to host a Rugby World Cup on 1 day notice; there was nothing in the paper or ESPN or anywhere else prior to today.

If I was to turn it on, *** would I be looking at?

I (and prolly 99.9% of all Americans) don't know the first thing about it. Are there points? Is there someone in charge? Why do the teams kick the ball at random times? Are there downs or a play clock?

And how did the US team get the 13th seed when it isn't an organized sport anywhere? There aren't rugby Little Leagues, school teams, travel organizations, coverage in the news, none of that.
You won't see it promoted on ESPN simply because it's being shown on NBC Sports, who have been promoting it for quite a while now. Hopefully ESPN will show the results at least in their ticker tape at the bottom of the screen. NBC has been showing plenty of rugby for a few years now, just remember, there's more sports channels available in the US, than ESPN.
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