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Originally Posted by Miz View Post
I searched for "rugby for dummies" and found what looks like a detailed explanation for the rugby novice at Instructables
No help there. It identifies the positions/numbers, it describes the set pieces, and it indicates the line markings, but there was nothing about what is going on or what the rules are during open play.

Is there blocking, like the NFL? Why would a team kick? Like that.

The content reminds me of a time when we were in Newfoundland. A local treat there is a "donair" and you order it in pizzeria. We had not heard of it before, so we asked the waitress, "What's a donair?"

It turns out a donair is a dish made of donair meat, donair sauce, donair cheese, donair vegetables, and a donair crust.

She was perfectly correct and explained it perfectly, and we didn't know any more about it than we had before.
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