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Originally Posted by Ensign Tzap View Post
The K64325 Scroll Ring was flopping around too much for my liking.

I contacted Kensington, and they sent out a replacement.

Curiosity got the better of me.
So, after I got the replacement connected up.
I tore down the K64325 and looked at the Scroll Ring Assembly.
First thing I found was that two of the little plastic beads that the ring rides on were missing.
From what I could tell, it had originally had 5 beads.
Now it had only 3 beads, and one of the plastic lips that held the ring in place was cracked.

I looked inside the Trackball case for the beads, but I couldn't fine them.
This leads me to believe that the Trackball was damaged in assembly.

Either way, the Scroll Ring Assembly can't be repaired easily.

As for the Replacement TrackBall.........
I'm having issues with the Scroll Ring on it as well.
After using it for awhile, I found it binding up.
I can work the ring loose, but after awhile it will start binding up again.

I'm thinking of tearing it down, and cleaning the Scroll Ring Assembly.
Then put in some Teflon Grease on the Bead Bearings, to help smooth out the movement.
UPDATE: On the Replacement K64325 TrackBall.

I took Teflon Grease to the Bead Bearings on the Scroll Ring, and after working the Scroll Ring for awhile, I got it to stop binding.

The Ball feels okay, but I miss the fine control the old K64215 TrackBall has.

Also, I am cleaning the three beads under the Ball at least once or twice a week.

Signed: Ensign Tzap
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