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Yes I have a network. The computers are connected to the network now. In fact I can see the bedroom computer from the family room computer, but i cannot access any files because it says I do not have permission. I tried changing the permissions on my bedroom PC, but that did not help.I can however also see the family room computer from the bedroom computer and I get the same message about permissions. My computers are hooked up exactly how you described. They are all wired through the same 4 port router. The printer is hooked up to the pc in the family room. I would like to keep it that way if possible, that way I will not be disturbed while trying to sleep. The bedroom is where my router is. I only have 2 PC's at the moment all connected to a 4 port router wired not wireless. When I go to the control panel on the bedroom computer the printer shows up there. It shows up as Brother xxxxxx on the bedroom computer. When I click on it it shows up as offline.
Thank you so much for helping.

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