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Still want to run XP, Huh.......

Well, I suggest you start with Expanding Laptop Memory.
Is 128Mb the maximum?
Or can you get it up too say 512Mb?
Because the more memory XP has to work with, the better.
Also, check and see if there is a BIO's upgrade for your Laptop.

Instead of one Hard Drive, how about two?
There were these adapter kits, that you could get, that replaced the Floppy or CD-Rom with a Hard Drive Holder.
Thus, you make the SSD your Boot Drive/and Memory Swap Drive, and you use the Old Drive as storage for{Pic's, Audio Files, Doc's} and some programs.

But without a model number of the Laptop you have.
I don't know if you can still find, or if they will even work with your Laptop.

Check with the 8-Bit Guy, or LDR and see if they can help you.
These Websites do a lot of retro fitting of old computers, with more modern devices.
{Just Google the names}

Plus, check out VOGONS
They do a lot of work with getting old software to run on newer machines.
As well as help getting older systems up and running.

Signed: Ensign Tzap
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