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Originally Posted by Ned Seagoon View Post
Just ask Jintan, he's the bloke here who has the job of cleaning infected machines. And with respect, just because you have not heard of anyone having a problem doesn't mean it doesn't happen.
Jintan and most of the others who help "fix" computers, also help "fix" computers that are the newest/latest and kept up to date with security updates etc. You make it sound like the newest computers cannot be hacked into, which is totally wrong. From seeing the help that Jintan and others give, I don't remember any of the "helpers" telling folks that they need to stop using the older OS software, and buy the latest versions. They appear to be "happy" in helping those asking for it. Another thing with regards to anyone having problems and asking for help here at CTH, there's hundreds of other "places" that folks go to for help. There's hundreds of other companies or businesses that tell us we should bee updating our software, and yet like I said previously, they don't give us examples.
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