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Guilty on both counts, yes it is a ThinkPad and I had forgotten the full term for its socket array which is its version of pci connections.
I set up my projects so when one finishes another begins and it was getting near to giving this old system another "try".
My idea was to make it work with up to 32Gb so keep it in a FAT32 based system mode. This to me would be an overlays max supported sensible size with SSD as any larger would make that file format create super sized clusters, many of those used drives of under 30Gb are I found to be damaged because they either used oil based bearings (which leaked)and do not spin freely or had XP on them that got a virus which meant it suffered from disk damage as the scan heads would crash often scratching the platter.

Looks like I will have to obtain a recertified drive thats larger and either use a part or split it which I think would not be a good idea due to heavier overlay usage.

I had just wondered if anyone had managed to use Ontrack on an SSD before.

Thanks for your continued interest

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