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Issues Playing Voices on Videos via Speakers

I just noticed this tonight. A laptop's drive was replaced Monday so I had to redo stuff. Now I use VLC (fresh install) and been playing Star Trek episodes fine. When I went to play some other movies like Up and Wreck It Ralph, I hear only effects sounds but dialog seems very silent in the background. Playing Enterprise was fine though. I even tried on Windows Media Player (ew) and same thing as with VLC. I do not hear all sounds correctly. I put in my headphones and all sounds normal. Now these videos play just fine on another laptop.
I tested the laptop's speakers and left and right sound fine. Again, my Enterprise episodes (at least the 10 I played) played fine. Just some other random movies will not.
This is Windows 10 with Waves Maxx Audio running (only output it shows is internal speakers). I have tried playing with settings but can not figure it out.
Any thoughts?
Thank you.
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