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Nothing is ever simple

Hi, as always things did not go as planed, creating usb backup. I got a 8GB memory stick but when I ran the thing it said I needed 16GB I had an external drive with hundreds of spare GB on it so thought I would put it on there, I think I was warned but did not take it in. Putting it on there wiped out everything that was on there hundreds of photos and videos. Not too bad as they were backup I still have most of them on laptop. Will I now be able to use this to recover windows. When I get chance I will buy 25GB memory stick and put it on there so I can have my storage drive back. There were three items save to the drive. I know it is probably basic to you but how do you recover windows using this?
On to the second part when I went on settings it did not have the option Update & Security so I could not follow your instructions. I found an option to reset this computer was not sure if I should do that. Thanks.