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Problem with Samsung Smart TV

I bought a 65 inch curved Samsung Smart TV two years ago, and gradually started introducing myself to the various apps that came with it and have been added along the way.

I eventually discovered that the signal from our router tends to vary in strength, especially in inclement weather, and that because the TV is placed as far away from the router as it can be in the house, that sometimes I lost the router signal and sometimes the signal was so weak that I encountered a degraded picture or buffering. Our ISP, Verizon, does not offer a stronger router, and what we have is proprietary so we can't replace it with something store bought.

To combat that, I bought a relatively inexpensive D-link DAP 1320 plug in wifi extender to relay the signal. There's a reasonably cumbersome process to get that going, but once I did it and found the right place to put it, the relay creates its own network signal, and the relayed signal is actually pretty strong. Amazon Prime and Netflix work great with the relay.

But Youtube, Pluto,, and all the others do not work at all. I always get a not-hooked-up-to-the-internet error message. To make them work -- with the choppy signal from the router -- I have to switch back from the relay network to the router network and enter the 16 or so random character password every time because the TV, unlike a computer or phone, will not save any wifi access passwords and there does not appear to be an option to save passwords in the settings. And since the signal is so strong with the cheap relay, it seems unlikely that a more expensive one changes the refusal of the other apps to accept the same situation albeit with a more expensive relay.

I was with Samsung's Tech Support for a half hour, and it had no idea why some apps worked off the relay while others did not or why the TV could not hold a password for a switched-to network. Maybe I just got a weak TS agent.

Anyone have any thoughts on making TV viewing more seemless?

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