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Originally Posted by evanandrew3333 View Post
First of all, you IMPLY that "bias" is somehow unreasonable. When it is based
upon two decades of first hand experience, it is not unreasonable.

Sounds like YOU have unreasonable bias, some kind of shill for Microsoft.

Every MS product I've ever used has given me problems, especially MS Word.
Thank effing god for Open Office!

Who cares when it came out? So what? When it came out, were you saying that Windows Media Player will not work on it? No? Then how can you defend that fact now?

I KNOW the problem is not with Audacity because WMP has done similar things in the past, RENAMES files by itself, to the point where I simply quit using it because it became impossible to find anything in the library.

I strongly suspect this was DELIBERATE RAPE to discourage people from putting their CD collections onto a Windows computer.

I would at least grudgingly consider upgrading a Microsoft OS, if at least I could keep the interface exactly the same.

I have invested literally tens of thousands of hours, YEARS creating "muscle memory" of how to use XP, and then Win 7.

There is NO REASON to change an OS interface except emotional masturbation on the part of programmers and market manager *****s.

I despise the look and feel of Windows 10 and would rather murder bill gates than ever use it.

You ask if I "kept the file extentions" when I changed the names.
These NEVER HAD file extensions in the names.

I created a file in Audacity, selected "export as MP3" and typed it a name.
It then went to a folder on my desktop.
Something weird happened and after using these fine for a while inside WMP, every file became the SAME NAME.
I presume this was a keystroke mistake by me.
Evidently MS has thousands of hidden keystroke garbage the destroys what you are working on if you make even one tiny mistake.

At any rate, I went into desktop, changed all the names back to original, and closed that folder, re opened it, and tired to import these tracks again into WMP.

Nope, this time it's giving everything old garbage names, making the whole thing worthless, useless.
You've been whining for days on this forum, and good people have tried to help you, but all you do is come back with stupid replies, and now you're accusing a respected member of this forum of being a shill for Microsoft.
Nobody forces you to use Microsoft products. If you don't like them go to Linux. I'm sure somebody as "smart" as you can figure it out.
Just saying...