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Paessler Site Inspector (30 day trial)

What is it?

Paessler Site Inspector is a comprehensive set of website and webpage analysis tools.

What can Site Inspector do for me?

Whenever you access a webpage using Internet Explorer you will find a wealth of analysis functions in Site Inspector's toolbars and menus, for example:
  • Show all images, forms, stylesheets, and scripts
  • Show frameset's HTML and a list of frames
  • Show the HTTP header
  • Show a structured view of the HTML source
  • Highlight all tables, table cells and DIV tags
  • Copy page URL, page title, or page source
  • Copy a list of all URLs of a webpage to the clipboard
  • Resize the browser to various standard screen sizes
  • Zoom into the webpage
  • Various online tools like "ping the server", "traceroute the server", "show domain owner", "W3C markup validation" and many more