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Since I didn't see it mentioned on that website, and have used it reliably many many times, I would like to mention DiskDigger. Unfortunately, the trial version now only let's you find a limited amount of files, so you would have to pay the $15 USD to have it find all files. I have used Recuva, and a few others, but DisDigger finds every single file of the type you choose that has ever been on the drive. Every file, so if you choose to find .jpg's, for example, it will find every .jpg from every website that has ever been viewed on the drive, as well as the many many .jpg's that comprise Windows.

Some recommendations. Only search for one file type at a time (such as .jpg). Whatever is found save it to a USB drive or external drive. Don't save them to the drive you are searching. For .jpg's, programs like DiskDigger usually locate a few thousand files. And they won't be saved as their original file names, but named by their location on the drive. For example, UncleJoe.jpg will be 3291854.jpg. Save them all to a folder, then arrange the folder from large to small file. Photographs tend to inhabit the large files, while Windows and website files tend to be a lot smaller. Set the view to Large Icons so you can see the pictures, then save the ones you want to another folder.
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