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We still use 98SE for all our computers, business and personal. I would encourage anyone thinking about upgrading to XP - THINK TWICE!!! For some it works. We discovered that many of the components in the computer are not XP compatible. Also, sometime an upgrade will leave parts of the old system intact, causing a corrupt install. I contacted Microsoft about 6 - 12 months ago about the problems with XP upgrade. They couldn't help me. They didn't even try to connect remotely to my computer. One of the things they told me is how we should have a full install. For a company that says they support XP, it was not impressive. We went back to 98SE.

I thought Microsoft ended 98SE support a long time ago. We have not connected to Microsoft for updates in probably years. ZoneAlarm and Norton Antivirus are kept up to date and we are fine.

I hope things go well if you upgrade. Please backup your data.